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Resiliency Skills Group Guide

Resiliency Skills Group Guide

Resiliency Skills Group Guide
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Resiliency Skills Group Guide

By Susan Gingerich, MSW & Kim Mueser, Ph.D. Clinicians who work with people who have the most troubling symptoms of mental illness have often been frustrated when looking for materials for conducting groups. This book provides materials for conducting skill-building groups with clients who have significant problems related to their mental illness. It is a practical, step-by-step manual for group leaders. Includes strategies for coping skills, focusing on strengths, connecting with people, reducing stress, managing anger, avoiding problems with alcohol and drugs, and much more!

The curriculum is flexible and can be tailored to suit the needs of the clients, the agency, and the setting. This book provides the necessary ingredients for even the busiest mental health practitioner to conduct groups that will improve their clients ability to cope with their illness and move forward in their lives. 188-pages, spiral-bound, includes CD.

The book contains:
- Ten modules, each covering a major topic area related to coping skills
- Five sessions for each of the ten modules
- A structured, step-by-step group format
- 50 group leader instruction sheets
- 50 handouts for group members, with large print and jargon-free language
- A strong emphasis on group members putting knowledge, strategies, and skills into practice in their own lives.

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