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Harassment Prevention Bingo Game

Harassment Prevention Bingo Game

Harassment Prevention Bingo Game
Product Number 388341
Price: $42.95

Harassment Prevention Bingo Game

Ages: 10-14. Stop harassment before it starts by helping teens identify the many faces of this unwanted behavior. From offhand comments to out-and-out physical intimidation, this game will help teens give voice to their concerns.

The learning objective is that by the end of group, praticipants will be able to successfully identify:
- Two results of being harassed
- Two examples of harassment
- Two susceptible/non-power groups
- Two attitudes that support harassment
- Two strategies to deal with harassment

16 8x10 Harassment Prevention BINGO cards
5 sets of "Calling" cards
BINGO chips
Handout: What I Need to Know About Harassment

For up to 16 players.

This game is also part of the Middle School Bingo Games Set.

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