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Digital Flip Tip Book: Overcoming Military Sexual Trauma

Digital Flip Tip Book: Overcoming Military Sexual Trauma

Digital Flip Tip Book: Overcoming Military Sexual Trauma
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Digital Flip Tip Book: Overcoming Military Sexual Trauma

MST (Military Sexual Trauma) is a term coined by the VA to describe the effects of sexual harassment and sexual violence while on active duty. Sexual violence of any kind, whether assault or harassment, weakens the military's core values and threatens unit readiness. Sexual violence is a criminal offense punishable under military, civilian and federal law. Although a live training is the most effective strategy to fight this insider threat, the MST Flip Tips guide will arm you with the basics you need to combat sexual predators, harden their targets and keep everyone mission focused.

This Flip Tips guide provides must-know insight into how predators operate, what they look for in their targets, the negative effects of MST, common barriers to reporting and new protections against retaliation to encourage reporting. The only way to prevent MST is to learn to see the signs of predatory behavior and know how to take action to protect oneself, your battle buddies and the values of the military.

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