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Emotional Bingo for Teens (English & Spanish)

Emotional Bingo for Teens (English & Spanish)

Emotional Bingo for Teens (English & Spanish)
Product Number W 335
Price: $44.95
Emotional Bingo for Teens

Everybody knows how to play Bingo-but this version requires players to identify feelings rather than numbers on their Bingo cards. Ideal for counseling groups or classrooms, Emotional Bingo not only helps children learn to recognize various feelings, it also teaches empathy-a trait associated with lower incidence of violent behavior. Game rules provide opportunities for children to discuss their own feelings and to respond empathically to the feelings of others.

Emotional Bingo offers a new, yet familiar, approach to feelings that appeals to kids of all ages. The game includes 32 Emotional Bingo Cards (English on one side; Spanish on the other), a Poster (20" x 28"), Tokens, Call-Out Cards, and a helpful Leader's Guide, with discussion guidelines and counseling suggestions. It is available in child and teen versions. The teen version features feelings that are common in adolescence.

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