Trauma Self‑Help Assessment

Trauma Self‑Help  Assessment

Trauma Self Help Assessment Trauma Self Help Assessment Trauma Self Help Assessment
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Trauma Self‑Help Assessment (10 pack)

A traumatic event describes a deeply distressing or disturbing experience in one's life. Events which can be considered traumatic range from common, yet distressing life events such as divorce and illness, to occurrences of harm, grief, and other circumstances of war. Trauma is a response to ongoing or recurring events. The type of event and the intensity of trauma will vary from person to person. After a traumatic event, people often experience random emotions, flashbacks, nightmares, strained relations, and/or emotional and physical issues.

A traumatic event or situation creates inner pain that can hurt one's ability to cope. This self-help assessment will: Help you to better understand how trauma is affecting your life, identify the symptoms, learn techniques for dealing with your trauma, and create a plan for moving on.

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