The Smart Move: (10 Pack) A Military Relocation Workbook

The Smart Move: (10 Pack)  A Military Relocation Workbook

The Smart Move: (10 Pack)  A Military Relocation Workbook
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The Smart Move: (10 Pack) A Military Relocation Workbook

This workbook has all the essential information military families need as they face the sometimes daunting task of relocating. Covering an array of issues from the emotional to the practical, this workbook takes a military family step-by-step through the process. Worksheets provide organizational help along the way. Specific resources are suggested for additional information. 8 1/2" X 11", 40 pages.

Relocation Basics: The military provides services to their families to help with relocation including, the Community Service Office or the Family Support Center, Relocation Policy Office, Employment Assistance Program and the Department of Defense Dependents Schools.

The Complete Relocation Checklist: Organization is the key to a successful relocation! This section focuses on taking an inventory of possessions, color-coding boxes, helpful hints for packing, canceling subscriptions and more.

Family Feelings and Fears: The excitement and worry of relocating a family is explored through discussion of the stages of adjustment, the benefits of parents expressing their own feelings, finding meaning in moving and overcoming fears.

Transferring to a New School: For military children, a smooth transition to a new school is essential. This section provides such helpful hints as visiting the school ahead of time, talking to new teachers, joining clubs and activities, setting goals and keeping old friends.

After the Move: Becoming part of their new community is important to relocation success. This section covers developing a support system, initiating family routines, joining clubs and associations, and putting down roots.

Day-to-Day Money Management: This section provides tips for managing money during relocation by keeping receipts and setting a budget.

Relocating Overseas: Your Adventure Abroad: These helpful hints will make an overseas relocation that much smoother. This section covers getting advance information about the new base, adjusting to and enjoying a new culture, school information and foreign laws.

Sold in packs of 10 workbooks.