Recognizing Child Abuse Guidebook

Recognizing Child Abuse Guidebook

Recognizing Child Abuse Guidebook
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64 Page Guidebook

Written by Ester R.A. Leutenberg and John J. Liptak, EdD

Child abuse is a serious issue and can have enduring destructive effects on children. Parenting in the military can be a difficult task, is extremely stressful, and can take a person away from family a great deal of time. Daily, service people and their families are confronting a variety of personal, employment, relational, and societal factors that could possibly lead to the risk of child abuse. Providing safe, secure, nurturing, and supportive environments for family members will help in the prevention of child maltreatment.

Child abuse can be a set of deliberate, intentional behaviors, or it can be unrecognized or subconscious behaviors, all perpetrated by a parent, caregiver, relative, friend, or stranger, which results in the harm, or threat of harm, to a child of any age.

Each of the four modules, Neglect, Emotional, Physical, Sexual, contain some basic elements designed to help recognize and examine current attitudes and behaviors as they relate to children. They include information, assessments, check off lists, activity handouts, action plans and support forms.