Anxiety Self‑Help Assessment

Anxiety Self‑Help  Assessment

Anxiety Self Help Assessment Anxiety Self Help Assessment Anxiety Self Help Assessment
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Anxiety Self‑Help Assessment (10 pack)

Exciting, unfamiliar, dangerous, and stressful military experiences often lead to anxiety. Anxiety can be described as an emotion accompanied by feelings of tension, worry, negative thoughts and physical changes. Anxiety can cause people to feel nervous, fearful, stressed, and worried. It is the body's natural response to any dangerous situations in which you might feel threatened, under pressure, or stressed out.

Some anxiety is a normal part of life, but anxiety can become out of control. Anxious feelings can interfere with daily activities such as work, training sessions, and relationships. This self-help assessment is designed to help you explore how well you can: manage your anxiety, recognize your anxiety symptoms, stop your negative thinking that leads to even more anxiety, and avoid extreme anxiety before it leads to panic.

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