Military Family Forum Info Center

Military Family Forum Info Center

Military Family Forum Info Center
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The Military Family Forum Library Set

The Military Family Forum Library set of booklets will help strengthen all aspects of family life, from readiness to anger management to dealing with children. Perfect for Family Welcome Home Packets! All 16-page booklets are 5 1/2" X 8 1/2"

Information center includes one pack (25 booklets) each of the following 12 titles (300 booklets in all):

Loss and Change
Change is a constant for children of military families and this booklet addresses ways to help them deal with it. Specific strategies for helping parents and children cope are presented.

Managing Anger and Resolving Conflict
Everyone becomes angry and faces conflict at times. This booklet discusses how military members and their families can better manage anger and conflict. It offers a seven-step method to resolving conflict before it escalates.

Military Lifestyle & Children
How can parents help their children adapt to the special aspects of military life? This booklet explores ways to make the military lifestyle a positive experience.

Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect
This important booklet offers tips on how to identify abuse and neglect and instill self-esteem in children to help them avoid abusive situations. Risk factors specific to military families are reviewed.

The Single Military Parent
What happens when a single parent leaves for a tour of duty? How can the parent manage career and home responsibilities? This booklet offers specific suggestions to help single parents raise their children successfully.

Parenting Your Grandchildren
Stepping in for a parent who is deployed, incarcerated or incapacitated due to drug use is a stressful and emotionally delicate situation. This booklet covers essential information about the feelings, legal and financial issues, and the resources available to cope with this situation.

Coping With Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
This wide-ranging booklet covers essential resources for the person suffering with PTSD and their family members. Here they will find information on the nature of PTSD, means of coping and places to find help and hope.

Building Strong & Happy Families
This booklet explains six characteristics of strong families. It explores ways to meet challenges caused by either a change in the family or by external events.

Effective Child Discipline
Disciplining children can be more difficult for military parents because of their many separations. This booklet reviews the special needs of military families and children, and provides practical discipline techniques that work.

Family Communication
Families that communicate well are usually strong families, with a level of closeness and support that helps them survive crisis. This booklet offers sound advice to improve family communication.

Family Readiness
Readiness is crucial to success for both service members and their families. This booklet offers help in planning for the inevitable separations, moves, and other experiences that military families face.

Preventing Domestic Violence
The unique stresses that military families face can put them at risk for domestic violence. This booklet's suggestions for controlling temper and keeping a marriage healthy will help prevent violence.

Titles also sold separately.